Online city retreat
Ayya Virañani
20-26 November 2022
Optional: Mudita meditation day near Antwerp on November 27

An online city retreat gives you the opportunity to practice intensively during one week while you sleep at home and have your activities during the day. This helps to integrate the meditation into your daily life.

In this retreat we will practice Mudita meditation.
Mudita (Medevreugde in Dutch) is a Pali word that is usually translated as Sympathetic Joy or Gladness. It is one of the four Brahmavihara (Metta, Karuna, Mudita and Upekkha).
When Metta comes into contact with Joy, it becomes Mudita. In other words, when somebody else is happy, mudita is a quality of heart that allows us to truly rejoice as if we were experiencing the joy ourselves. In developing mudita, we come to appreciate other people as complete and complex beings, not as characters in our personal play. Mudita is said to be an antidote to indifference and boredom. 

Ayya Virañani will introduce the meditations, offer a talk to support the practice and there will be moments of Q&A. Individual interviews with Ayya on demand.

Venerable Ayya Virañani is a Buddhist nun from the USA (Hawaii). It is deeply rooted in the Dhamma through practice, study and transmission of the Dhamma. She has been meditating since 1979 in the Burmese tradition of Mahasi Sayadaw, the Thai forest tradition, and has worked in the Insight Meditation Society in the US. Sister Virañani was ordained as Bhikkuni in Myanmar in 2006 under Sayadaw U Pandita and is now attached to a renowned meditation center (Chanmyay Myaing of U Indaka Sayadaw). She has been guiding retreats in many places around the world for years. She speaks with great compassion and makes the traditional texts accessible with many examples from everyday life. One of her specialties is Metta meditation.
Heidi Rommens will be the zoom host and will translate into Dutch on demand.

Sunday 20 November – Saturday 26 November
Sunday 20 November
          9:30-11:00 (opening of the retreat) and 19:30-21:00
Monday 21 November till Friday 25 November
          7.30-8.30 and 20.00-21.30
Saturday 26 November
          9:30-11:00 and 19:30-21:00 (closing of the retreat)
To support your meditation and the cultivation of Mudita we request you to attend 
          – all online sessions on Sunday 20 and Saturday 26
          – all evening sessions
          – as much as possible morning sessions Monday to Friday 

Online by Zoom.

20 € for the organization InzichtMeditatie Antwerpen (IMA). This contribution covers the costs.
Guidance by Ayya Virañani based on Dana.
Dana is the first quality that the Buddha recommended developing when he was asked: “What must I do to achieve complete freedom?” “Begin with generosity,” said the Buddha, “live in peace with each other and take good care of your inner development.
The Dana principle means that a participant in an activity decides for him/her/theyself how much he/she/they wants or can give. The underlying idea is that we as humans belong together and take care of each other.
That the Dhamma is in fact priceless and is given from the heart and received in the heart.
Everyone considers: “What is it worth to me that the Dhamma can be passed on and what can or will I contribute?”

Optional: Meditation day 
Sunday 27 November 10:00 – 16:30 in Hof Zevenbergen in Ranst near Antwerp.
Max. 20 p.
Cost 35 €. Includes rent, light vegetarian meal and 3 times tea/coffee/water. 

Participation and cancellation
Register here
You can read the participation and cancellation conditions here in Dutch. Translation on demand by email.
A week before the start you will receive an email with the zoom link, practical information and appointments.

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